Once at an interview Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were the guests, the host asked them to individually tell the audience the mantra behind their success. To which Steve promptly responded:

“The reason behind the success of both our companies…” He paused “and I would like to tell this on Bill’s behalf as well” he continued “is that we both have been fortunate enough to have hardworking and talented individuals to work with us.”

Sustainable growth of a company is heavily dependent on the strength of its team and their individual development. A happy and progressive team can only take its company forward. Hence, here at Trade Exposition, we intend to create an atmosphere which fosters individual growth and brings the best out of every member. On one hand, our open door policy invites active participation; on the other we encourage the members through incentive friendly financials.

With its varied segments laid wide across, Trade Exposition gives you an opportunity to work in many domains of the event industry. Hence, giving you a wider playground to perform!

Along with the learning you get, while facing the challenges of event industry, you can even participate in the evolution of the other brands which the company is developing.

With the performance based healthy incentives on offer, it is only you who determines your month end earnings.

Entering a growing company with a small team, gives you the opportunity to climb the ladder quickly. For a dedicated worker in a performance driven environment, your chance to lead your department is just knocking the door.

Hence, just don’t work with us. Learn, earn and lead with us!

Current Openings:

1) Marketing Manager – Corporate Sales – Trade Exposition

2) Sales Executive – Personalized Lamps – Zoci Voci

3) Warehouse Keeper

For details, application and scheduling interviews, please contact: life@trade-exposition.com