Furniture with Lights

Furniture gives usability and comfort while lights give illumination and beauty to any décor. But what if we combine the both? That leads to a term called in lit furniture – Zoci Voci.

A piece of furniture which has a source of light radiating from inside is called in lit furniture. Zoci Voci is our range of in lit furniture and props.  Each of these are uniquely designed display props which can independently set up any night event décor  and give a complete new feel to it. Each Zoci Voci furniture product can bear upto 100 kgs of weight upon it and radiates 16 different shades of color governed by a wireless remote.

These display props are useful in setting up unique wedding décor, dinner party set ups, custom urgent essay DJ parties, sports events, corporate parties, music shows, rock concerts and any other night event set ups.

Having unique light radiating potters, stools and tables, these are potentially the most trending elements in interior design and outdoor landscaping.