Trade Exposition venturing in the field of In-lit Furniture and Display – ZOCI VOCI.

(Ahmedabad, 10 July 2014) – Trade Exposition today announced that they will be entering in the field of supplying In-lit Furniture and Display options under the brand ZOCI VOCI. “ZOCI means glow in sanskrit and VOCI means objects in Italy, hence ZOCI VOCI means glowing objects” says Deepak Gupta, Brand Strategist – Trade Exposition. He adds, “Since we wish to operate in all kinds of events, and the basis of our company is design & decoration, we feel ZOCI VOCI will strengthen our product line and add a novel concept in event decor business. All ZOCI VOCI profiles are made out of HDP material with 16 color RGB LED installed in each unit operated by a remote control with option of re-chargeable battery back-up. We currently have 14 different shape profiles with us with not only we intend to provide on rental basis in events but will also wish to sell it to architects and interior designers in India. ZOCI VOCI is a path breaking product in night decor in events, home, discos, new real estate schemes and landscaping resedential and commercial projects. With this, we even wish to enter in the field of personalized lamps in near future, as we intend to put one ZOCI VOCI in every home.”


For more details, please contact:


Mr. Deepak Gupta
+91 97237 46501